In the 1990's I started the presentation of my music-didactical projects online with the domain (abbreviation for "musician's projects"). In those days, besides my collaboration with the AMA music publishing as book author and layouter, I wrote workshop articles and test reviews for the magazines FACHBLATT and KEYBOARDS. When the editorial staff of KEYBOARDS (presumably for commercial reasons) discontinued publishing didactic workshop articles I stopped this activity.

Contrary to the holders of intellectual property who only are willing to sell it, I see no reason to keep back knowledge (if it's already edited for publishing) or to claim money for its publication. Of course, I only can do so because I do not have to respect any economic necessities in connection with that (contrary like e.g. a publisher).

Anyway – as their content was already created, I prepared some workshop articles and contributions (also still unpublished) with the smallest effort as possible for the presentation on I ask for your understanding that I have not taken the trouble to translate the texts into English. If someone would like to do this work – feel free to do so and to find a suitable space for a publication (for free!) of the contributions in English with indication of the source. Thank you in advance!