You need help with mixing a multitrack live recording? Or the mix of your home recording should sound a little bit more professional?
Maybe we could be the right address for the needed help. Send us your rough mix and we make you propositions what we can do for you. ... or what other options you have.


A general price for a mix cannot be calculated. The fee for a mix depends on the complexity of the project - much more than for standard mastering.

Due to the similarity to stem mastering the pricing for mixing would be comparable – starting from 120,- (142,80)* EUR per song, depending on the number of tracks to be mixed. A rough rule: the more tracks, the higher the effort and hence the price. In conjunction with a (free) sample-mix and an agreement about what to do, the exact price will be fixed.

Attended mixing session: 40,- (47,60)* EUR per hour

*) incl. 19% VAT

If you book a mix, we offer the option to combine it with final mastering. Of course, it would be much cheaper than a mastering from a separate mastering service because of a package price in case of integrated services.