Welcome to SONO-WORKS.COM, your mastering service!

Mastering is the part of a music production whose role (and meaning) is often misunderstood. As the last stage in the process of developing a music project on the way to the audience, with the evolution of digital media mastering has evolved from a more technical process such as vinyl cutting to a more and more artistic process. In the mastering studio the production will be re-worked from a new perspective, focusing on the big picture, the best possible presentation of the artistic performance in terms of sound and the particular media. In addition to any error corrections the preparation for the target media (CD, vinyl or download / streaming files) is then the "classic" part of the mastering service. This is above all a technical service and requires some specific knowledge, experience and tools. While this part of the mastering always includes processings, the artistic part can sometimes lead to the understanding that nothing can be improved on the sound. Recognizing this and consistently dispensing with any sound processing is an important part of responsible mastering. It's always about featuring the artists and their projects as much as possible. Therefore a mastering studio could also be understood as something like the final editorial office for an audio production.

I'm really good in delivering what you need - also on short notice - and for a flexible fee,
which is more than reasonable for the offered quality. That's what you can get:

  • premium standard mastering and stem mastering
    on favorable terms and with all services (except surround processing)
  • free advice and - on demand - samples (excerpts) for all the services offered here
  • digitization and restoration 
    (tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records) - if necessary, removal of crackling noise and/or unwanted noise