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One might think that painting of this kind is out or it comes 100 years too late. From the perspective of the art market, that may be. But there is something that can never be out or too late: the desire to experiment with techniques and forms of expression - be it music or expressionistic, abstract, surreal, symbolic or naturalistic painting in all conceivable techniques and formats, while the goal is not primarily a commercial success (which in most cases does not happen), but the transport of feelings and messages that cannot otherwise be expressed, or simply producing aesthetic objects. In that case, all criteria for success on the art market are invalid for an objective evaluation.
Here you get an insight into the different themes and styles of my previous works.
How independent such activities can be from space and time (age) can be understood by the GALLERY, which starts with a look back to the 1960s and jumps from there to 2018. In the approximately 50 years that lie between, my contact with the visual arts was limited to visiting exhibitions and occasionally drawing caricatures and illustrations for books that I produced in my collaboration with AMA Musikverlag.

Here you find the newest works since 2022 October.

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