MASTERING - what does it mean?

Mastering is not only a technical service. To trim an album on the maximum loudness and to export a master cd or DDP data set (including ISRC codes, cd text and so on) is a simple job for anyone with a DAW and a little bit of know how.  
Mastering is (or should be) very much more than that. It is part of the artistic process. It includes also the technical service, but the main thing is the support of the artistic intentions by increasing the impact of the music. It's about the sound profile. And the main tools are the experiences and the empathy of the mastering engineer.

If you hire me for mastering you should be aware that you probably will get a dynamic and transparent (and not maximum loud) sounding master medium. Maximum loudness is not the goal anymore at least since loudness normalization more and more becomes a standard in broadcasting and streaming services – in response to the "loudness war". Therefore loud mastering more and more looses its sense. The only argument against this might be – in case of a cd production – that cd tracks could be played in a random playlist with other tracks from different cd’s (e.g. with a cd changer). Because a cd changer cannot provide loudness normalization, an optimal loudness would be a plus in this case. Therefore, particularly in case of mastering a cd album, it could be useful to seek a smart compromise between loudness and dynamic plus transparency. Which concept is followed in a specific case can be individually clarified and, if necessary, corrected in the course of preliminary discussions and/or a revision.


All prices are standard prices and vary depending on the complexity of the production.

  • Single tracks: from 50,- (59,50)* up to 70,- (83,30)* EUR
  • Album incl. up to 18 Tracks (standard price): 600,- (714,-)* EUR
  • Export of one or more before mastered single tracks as master CD
    (as CD-image-files - see below): 50,- (59,50)* EUR
  • Attended mastering session: 45,- (53,55)* EUR per hour

*) including 19% VAT

Please, keep in mind that restauration - if necessary (e. g. audio material with clicks, crackles or unwanted noise) - would cause extra fee. While the first analysis of the mix we can determine the possible need for those kind of additional work. Then we will submit our proposals for restoration. And if you accept this, we will calculate an adapted offer.

Additional hints:

Mastering of an album with standard price includes all services like e.g. the preparing and the transfer of samples and its export and transfer via FTP/HTTP, also of preferred CD image files of the master CD (e.g. as DDP- or BIN-image file).

Mastering of single tracks with single prices do not include all those services. They only include export in preferred file formats and the transfer via FTP/HTTP.