MASTERING for iTunes

iTunes is only an example for online music services, which distribute music albums or single audio tracks as MP3 or AAC (M4A) files. The procedure is almost identical in all comparable cases. However, especially iTunes calls for (or at least recommends) AAC and specifically the "iTunes Plus format". This format is also therefore recommendable, because it conforms a relatively high quality standard and makes higher demands than other compressed audio formats.

Our mastering-for-iTunes service includes a quality check of the exported audio data. It means in detail the detecting of unwanted overdriving of "true peak levels" due to "intersample peaks". Avoiding of intersample peaks is a generally desirable aspect in a premium mastering process, because it reduces the risk of distorsions – especially in case of mastering for radio.


Mastering for iTunes is similar to generating MP3- and OGG files for streaming audio over HTML5. In any case it requires a premium-mastering before generating the compressed audio. Hence the prices for mastering for iTunes are comparable with the prices for standard mastering.

For the conversion of an audio track into the iTunes Plus format, in addition to its standard- or stem mastering, the fee is 20,- EUR (23,80 EUR)* per track.

*) incl. 19% VAT