If you plan to present audio streaming on your site, the HTML5 standard is recommended, because the Flash audio format cannot be played back on mobile Apple devices (no flash player in iOS).

To realize audio streaming via HTML5, the audio data are needed in two different formats (MP3 and OGG Vorbis). The reason:  the support of different audio coding formats in different browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, ...). Similar conditions exist for video streaming via HTML5. For more details see


Mastering for audio streaming is very similar to mastering for iTunes. It doesn't matter, that in this case two compressed files (MP3 and OGG) for one piece are required. But also in this case it requires a premium-mastering before generating the compressed audio files. Hence the price for making two files for one piece is comparable with the price for standard mastering a single audio track.

For the conversion of an audio track into MP3 + OGG format, in addition to its standard- or stem mastering, the fee is 10,- EUR (11,90 EUR)* per track.

*) incl. 19% VAT