In comparison to standard mastering of a stereo mix, the so-called stem-mastering is a kind of mix of submixes, which are separately processed (mastered). Those submixes could be e.g. drums, percussion, bass, lead vocals, all backing vocals and/or the effects (delay, reverb, ...). The advantage of stem-mastering is the chance to correct changes in sound and/or loudness relations between e.g. lead vocals and playback during processing of the stereo mix.

A special kind of stem-mastering could be the usage of a single stem, if it seems to be necessary to correct the sound of a single instrument or of a vocal part after processing the stereo mix.


All prices are standard prices and vary depending on the complexity of the production. As an example for stem mastering of a single song (using 5 or more stems), the price could range from 120,- (142,80)* EUR up to 300,- (359,-)* EUR.

Attended session: 40,- (47,60)* EUR per hour

 *) including 19% VAT

In the calculation of the final price we have to regard the kind and the count of the stems and the manner of their combination with one another or with a stereo mix. 

Please, keep in mind that restauration - if necessary (e. g. audio material with clicks, crackles or unwanted noise) - would cause extra fee. During the first analysis of the mix we can determine the possible need for those kind of additional work. Then we will submit our proposals for restoration. And if you accept this, we will calculate an adapted offer.