We can digitize these types of analogue media:

  • vinyl records (78, 45, 33)
  • audio cassette tapes

Equipment: Stanton T.120 (turntable), Pioneer CT-S410 (tape deck), Fireface 400

The following digital media could be transferred into various other digital media:
audio CD, audio DVD, DAT cassettes

Equipment: various Plextor CD/DVD recorder, DAT recorder SONY A8


Once digitized, the media could/should be "cleaned". That means that sometimes crackles and/or clicks or other unwanted noises should be removed. Some other kinds of restauration could be the modification and/or the removal of single tones or other noises like rumbling or humming.


Digitizing of analogue media without restauration: 1,50 EUR (1,79 EUR)* per minute audio material + 10,- EUR (11,90 EUR)* for the forwarding as wave files on an optical media (data CD).

*) incl. 19% VAT

Restauration - if necessary (e. g. audio material with clicks, crackles or unwanted noise) - would cause extra fee. If we think that a restoration would be reasonable or should be done, we submit you our proposals. And if you accept this, we will calculate an adapted offer.